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Our company, on the shelf production continues to be one of the leading brands in Turkey. Raftech was established with the motto “the best storage solution” for businesses. For the factory shelf systems needs of the enterprises; The products and services introduced by taking European standards into consideration make storage processes easier. These solutions, which will save space, especially in sectors where storage is of great importance, are offered at affordable prices. The company both closely pays attention to customer demands and closely follows developments; offers its products and services in accordance with accessibility procedures. Keeping up with all the technologies with the modernization, the company takes innovative steps in rack systems and aims to become an expert brand in its field.

Our Vision

As a company, we create sustainable and innovative projects for businesses. In this direction, we offer both project and production services. Thus, we aim to be the preferred first company in shelving system in Turkey.

Our Mission

Our biggest goal is to take different and innovative steps for factory shelf systems. Our motto is “the best storage solution”. In this way, we carry out our works to provide products and services that meet the needs of the sectors.

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Warehouse Racking Systems

Warehouse racking systems are one of the most used systems today. Warehouse racking systems are produced by our company for you. Nowadays, a warehouse shelf system is required for the regular storage of products in the warehouses of many workplaces. Warehouse racking systems, which stand out as one of the storage options, are also known as shelf systems. These shelf systems, which are generally used in warehouses, organize all kinds of important products and save space in storage. Warehouse racks are produced by our company. Then it can be mounted on demand. Our products are high quality and solid. These products are frequently preferred by our customers. The warehouse shelves that we designed and produced specially for you are resistant to disasters such as earthquakes. The products are firmly mounted on the wall.

Textile Racking Systems

Textile racking systems are one of the indispensable parts of the textile industry. Thanks to this system, all textile products can be stored on a regular basis. In this way, no contamination or deterioration occurs in the products. The desired product can be easily accessed with textile shelf systems. Wooden materials are generally used in these shelf systems and aesthetics is always at the forefront.

Sliding Racks

Sliding racking systems are often preferred due to their ease of use. This service is ideal for both heavy and light storage. This system works with a fairly simple mechanism. Thanks to the slope on the pallets, heavy rollers are placed so that the products can slide on their own. This system benefits from the height of the area. Loading and unloading areas are prepared separately in sliding rack systems.

Cantilever Racking Systems

Cantilever racking systems are used for the storage of large and long goods. Thanks to this system, storage space is saved and products are stored more easily. Our company produces these systems for you according to the condition of the area. The working principle of rack arm systems consists of the storage of goods of different lengths side by side. Optimum storage service is provided by this shelf system.

Mezzanine Racking Systems

Mezzanine shelf systems are one of the systems that enable warehouse spaces to be used more efficiently. Our company has been offering you the best storage solutions since its establishment. Especially mezzanine shelf systems are one of the most important products of our works. So what is this shelf system? What advantages does it have? The mezzanine floor, the mezzanine shelf systems, uses the entire height of the building. This enables storage areas to be used 3 times more efficiently. Thanks to this system, storage operations become faster and simpler.

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